The Seniors Mentorship Connections Program (SMC) will increase and strengthen community connections for seniors (ages 50-70 years old), while enhancing their important role in society through volunteerism and community involvement. Seniors will participate in various workshops, events and activities focused on increasing their employability, or enhancing life skills to support life after employment. Examples of workshops include computer training, financial planning, socializing/networking, etc. This program will also focus on ensuring seniors are aware of their integral role in society through contributing to the community either as mentors for youth seeking employment, or advisory committee members supporting other seniors.

This program has two main components: Seniors giving assistance, e.g. mentorship of youth clients; and seniors requiring assistance, e.g. programs and activities run by a joint advisory committee of staff and local seniors – aimed to increase employability or improve life without employment. Activities/workshops/events will include topics such as computer training, financial planning and socializing/networking events.

Program Eligibility:

  1.  Senior Mentors – seniors aged 50-70 years old with employment experience; must provide a brief rationale for why they want to serve as a mentor to young people. Minimum commitment of connecting with your mentee at least 2 hours per month (in-person or by phone).
  2. Advisory Committee Members – seniors (and select JobStart staff) aged 50-70 years old with employment experience wanting to contribute to society in a meaningful way; must provide a brief rationale for their interest in serving on this joint advisory committee
  3. Workshop Participants – unemployed seniors aged 50-70 years old

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For more information on this program, or to register, please contact Jonathan John at 416-231-2295 x5745 or


Employment Networking Group for Older Adults

The Employment Networking Group for Seniors is a 6-week program focusing on employment workshops and networking opportunities that will increase the economic stability of seniors. Participants will also develop practical networking, communication, volunteer and meeting management skills in interactive and engaging ways alongside their peers. In addition to the 6-week program cycle, seniors will also receive coaching following the program. Workshop topics include:

  • Net Giving – Say Hello to the Networking Alternative
  • Beating the System OR One Size Does Not Fit All
  • Finding Your Job Niche
  • Considering all of Your Options

This program will be delivered through 2 full days of employment workshops, followed by 4 half days of employment networking activities, all delivered by the Ontario Society of Senior Citizens’ Organizations (OSSCO). Each cycle will also be followed by one-on-one coaching sessions delivered by OSSCO.

Program Eligibility: Unemployed seniors aged 50-70 years old

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For more information on this program, or to register, please contact Jonathan John at 416-231-2295 x5745 or

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Jul 10 - 2018
Social Event: Let's Explore - The Village of Murals. Join us for a walking tour on July 25th, 2018 at 3:00pm - 4:45pm and meeting at Montgomery's Inn.
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Jul 10 - 2018
Hospital Presentation & Historic Tunnel Tour: Gain exclusive access to the historic tunnels that run beneath Humber's Lakeshore campus on Wednesday, July 25 2018 between 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm, located on 21 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive (Robert A. Gordon Learning Centre).
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Jun 14 - 2018
Come and say “Hi!” to JobStart’s staff at the "Give Me Liberty Street Party" on Thursday, June 14, 2018 between 4:00 pm and 10:00 pm, located on Fraser Avenue north of Liberty.
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Jun 04 - 2018
Check out this vlog created at our Tech Networking by a New Canadian, emphasizing the difference in job search between India and Canada and the importance of attending networking events.
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May 18 - 2018
Congratulations to our recent Capability Program Graduates! Our Capability program offers 8 weeks of pre-employment training and development workshops that include free First Aid & CPR certification followed by a 12 week paid work placement.
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May 11 - 2018
Humber College invited JobStart participating in the Transition to Work Job Fair (Employment Success for People with Disabilities). JobStart was delighted to have the opportunity to meet with current and graduating students to support their search for employment opportunities.

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May 04 - 2018
JobStart recently launched The Liberty Village IT Employment Hub.
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Apr 27 - 2018
Recently JobStart had the opportunity to connect with caseworkers at the new Lawrence Heights ODSP office during their meet and greet.
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Apr 16 - 2018
​JobStart is excited to have recently connected with the employment team at @HomesFirstTO, as we work towards ensuring the homeless people they serve across the city are job ready and employed.
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